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December 2018 Issue 16
Membership Agreement Update

The changes (in red) are detailed as per below. You can get a copy of the new Agreement at your nearest LegalWise Branch as well as on our website, www.legalwise.co.za


Section 2, page 3, clause b).

Is a criminal matter or a civil dispute or an infringement by a 3rd party that We cannot resolve in-house then.

Section 3, page 4, clause b).

b) We could not resolve Your matter in-house and Your Lawyer agrees in writing that Your chances of succeeding in a Civil or Labour case or an application for leave to appeal, are better than not succeeding.

Section 4, page 7, clause 18.

THE FAILURE by the seller of a property, or a third party living in the property You bought as a Place of Residence, to vacate the property in terms of the sale agreement.

Section 5, page 11, clause 3.a)

If You cancel your Membership during the Waiting Period and request a refund in writing We will refund the premiums You have paid only if You have not received any assistance under this Membership Agreement.

Section 12, page 27, clause 1.b)

To keep the premium low, We keep costs down and may not send a reminder if We do not receive a premium.  This clause has been deleted.

Section 13, page 28, clause 1.

The monthly premium will increase every year on the anniversary of Your Issue Date when You first joined.

Note: This amendment only applies to all new Memberships, which commenced on or after 1 July 2018. Memberships that were in-force on 30 June 2018 will have an anniversary date of 1 July.

Section 13, page 28, clause 2.a)

We may change any term  of this Agreement on 31 days written notice to You. If We do, it will apply only to Relevant Events that arise after the change. It will not affect Our existing obligations to You under the previous terms for Relevant Events that arose before the change.

Section 13, page 28, clause 2.d)

If You do not accept the increase or the change of term, and You cancel Your Membership within 31 days of the increase or change of term, We will refund premiums received after the increase or change.

Section 13, page 28, clause 4.b)

We can cancel Your Membership without notice to You, if We do not receive a premium by 24h00 on the last day of the month in which it is due (a 31-days grace period).

Section 13, page 29, clause 4.d)

We can cancel Your Membership on 31 days' notice to You, for any other reason at Our discretion. If We inadvertently collect or receive a premium after such a cancellation, it does not amount to entering into a new Agreement and We will refund that premium.

Section 14, page 31, clause 2.a)

is based on the fact that You did not pay a Premium due, or due to the fact that the Relevant Event occurred before the end of the Waiting Period, Our decision is final.

Please familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of your Membership Agreement to ensure that you are aware of what it covers and what it does not.

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The LegalWise Membership Agreement is underwritten by Legal Expenses Insurance Southern Africa Limited (Reg. No 1984/010574/06). Terms and conditions apply. An Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP: 17008)